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The Greek Gazette

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After 10 long years of fighting and perseverence, our own Greek army has finally overcome the Trojans in a most unthinkable fashion. Unthinkable to most, that is, but not to the great warrior Odysseus, who is the mastermind behind this incredible feat. He devised an incredible plan of attack to wipe out the entire Trojan army in one swift blow, and it was executed properly and to perfection with much thanks to our warrior Sinon. The plan was to construct a horse of incredible proportions, enough to fit many men inside, and have it enter the walls of Troy with the greatest of Greek warriors inside. However, the plan was missing something, an allaby for the army in its entirety. That is where Odysseus showed his prowess in cunning and deceit, by conjuring a plan to not only allow the horse to enter the city, but to leave the Trojans feeling overconfident and leaving them off gaurd for attack. This is where Sinon plays in, he plays out a skit by Odysseus to the Trojans in a scenario in which he looks like the only Greek left. He floods the Trojans with false knowledge as to the whereabouts of the Greek army, and is allowed in along with the horse. Then, as the city sleeps, the army (of whom was hiding behind some surrounding islands) swoops in for the kill. The men in the horse set the city ablaze and open the gates to the rest of the army. The town is ransacked and destroyed, all resulting in a Greek Victory. Now our wonderful country is free from burden and set to prosper as it did before this war was even instigated. Long live the Greeks!


The Real Hero Helenus
     A new best friend of the Greeks, Helenus, emerged from this victory. He played a huge role in not only the death of Paris, but in the overall victory itself. Our army was led to him by the prophet Calchas, as he was the bearer of Hercules' bow and arrows. One of these arrows was that which killed Paris, the instigator of this war. That was a minor victory for our army, and definitely a momentum builder. After that event, as instructed by Helenus, the army confiscated the Palladium, which is an image of Athena held in great regard to the Trojans. It was the stealing of this idol that led to and aided the story that Odysseus conjured to conquer the Trojans. The horse was a gift, and the army left because they were scared of Athena. A beautiful plan, all thanks to the hero Helenus. 

Kissing Evil Hands
After the death of his son Hector, a Trojan enemy of ours, Priam, showed incredible bravery and will in coming to our own camp to show ransom for his son. He literally kissed the hands of the man who killed his son, and offered an incredibly wealthy ransom. The way this gesture was handled by Achilles accurately symbolizes the kindness and humanity of the Greek army, as most any other warrior would have killed the man at his feet in such a situation. Instead, the great Achilles accepted his ransom and alotted him the body of his son. This is solid evidence that the Greek army is best in all the land, not only in ferocity, but also in graciousness.