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As we wind down our list of the best duels in history, we cannot help to show this one in the top 5. A great duel between Paris and Menalaus, one of the most important points in the war. Here is the recap:
Reason: A fight over Helen, she was Menalaus' bride, but was rewarded to Paris by a god for his role in choosing the recipient of the golden apple marked "For The Fairest."
First Blow: Paris throws a spear, but fails to wound Menalaus.
Second Blow: Menalaus peirces the armor of Paris, but fails to wound him.
Third Blow: Menalaus draws his sword, takes a crack at Paris, but his weapon shatters. Angered, he grabs the crest of Paris' helmet, and starts to drag him.
Winner: No decision. Divine intervention by Aphrodite breaks the band on Paris' helmet and she washes him away in a mist. He lives, as does Menalaus, and this is credited as one of the main events that caused the war.

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